1. On what stock exchange is Christiani & Nielsen (Thai) PCL.’s stock traded and what is the stock symbol?

Christiani & Nielsen (Thai) PCL.’s stock is traded on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and the symbol is "CNT".

2. What is CNT’s nature of business operation?

The Company carries on the business of general construction including design, purchasing material, civil work and electrical and mechanical work, for both government sector and private sector as shown below;

1. Government Sector

  • General buildings such as university, hospital and general government’s office.
  • Road work and other infrastructure such as highways (CNT has special class certificate from Department of Highways.), overpass, water tunnel and water treatment system.

2. Private Sector

  • General buildings such as low-rise and high-rise building, office building, education building, hospital and hotel.
  • Industrial business such as general factory and warehouse.
  • Petro-chemical business such as piping work, civil work, building work and other facilities.
  • Hypermarket and mega store such as department store and distribution center which are continuously expanding in the current market.
3. What is CNT’s dividend policy?

The Company’s Board of Directors has the policy to propose to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders to approve the dividend payment to shareholders based on the Company’s operating result in that year at the rate of not less than 40 percent of net profit after tax deductible in the Company’s profit & loss statements (in compliance with Public Limited Company Act and interpreted by Federation of Accounting Professions) provided that there was no other necessary event and such dividend payment does not have substantial impact to Company’s normal business.

4. How can I keep up to date with the company news and investor event?

Please subscribe to our Investor Relations E-Mail Alerts.

5. When is CNT’s annual meeting of shareholders?

Typically, the Company's annual meeting is held in mid-April. The invitation to each shareholder meeting is posted in the Investor Relations section.

6. How may I obtain copies of annual report, financial statements and quarterly results?

CNT’s annual reports and financial statements can be downloaded from the Investor Relations section of the website. If you would like a hard copy of annual reports, please place your request through the Investor Relations section of the website.

FAQ for Quarter 3/2014

1. Why is the Q3 performance loss? What projects? What happen? Are cost controls and risk management poor?

Q3 performance is because of unforeseen costs and issues with clients in two projects. Number of things went wrong on these two projects like rains, VOR's which were not settled, subcontractors non-performance and bankruptcy, higher labor costs due to labor problems when foreign labor went back to their homes after the military coup, higher costs of plant and equipment due to obstructions and delays from clients, etc.. Apart from the two, Company made good profits on over 30 other projects being done by the Company or completed this year. This would have not been possible if cost controls and risk management was poor. Regret we cannot disclose further details or identify the names of the projects since these are trade secrets which can be misused by competition or even potential customers.

2. Does the Company have the risk management?

The Company is bound by Law to have proper risk management systems in place and as mentioned above, if same were not in place, it would have not been possible to achieve record turnover this year or to have made decent gains on over 30 projects.

3. How many quarters will affect the anticipated losses?

Sorry we cannot make forward looking statements as its prohibited under SEC regulations. Can only say that the above two projects are not yet completed and should be completed in a couple of quarters.

4. Does the resignation of SJ affect the vision/mission, getting new projects or the Company’s performance?

This year the new projects have reduced substantially because of the economic and market situation which is known to everybody. Whether SJ's resignation has affected the Company or not, it's too early to say either way and this is something only the Board of Directors can decide.

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