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CG Principle

Corporate Governance Policy Manual
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Corporate Governance is the set of structures and processes of relationships between a company’s board of directors, management, shareholders and other stakeholders to enhance competitiveness towards business prosperity, creating long-term shareholder value and taking into consideration the interests of other stakeholders.

The Board of Directors of Christiani & Nielsen (Thai) Public Company Limited (the “Company”) recognizes the importance of good governance. The Company adheres to principles of fair treatment, transparency and accountability. These are crucial factors in enhancing organization and human developments, propelling sustainable business growth, responding to satisfaction and expectations of all stakeholders, creating credibility of organizations among all stakeholders, general public and society.

To implement good corporate governance throughout the Company as a mean to attain the objectives and for the ultimate benefits of the Company, the Board of Directors meeting resolved to adopt the resolution to announce the Company’s “Corporate Governance Policy Manual”, which was set in conformity with the “Principles of Good Corporate Governance 2014” by the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The policy is to be studied and used as operational guidelines by its Directors, Sub-committee members, Management and employees to perform their duties accurately, thereby cementing the Company’s position as an excellent and sustainable organization.

The Company has fully complied with the “Principles of Good Corporate Governance for Listed Companies 2014” set forth by the Stock Exchange of Thailand consisting of seven categories as follows:

  1. Rights of Shareholders.
  2. Equitable Treatment of Shareholders.
  3. Role of Stakeholders.
  4. Disclosure and Transparency.
  5. Responsibilities of the Board.
  6. Controlling Systems and Risk Management Policy.
  7. Business Ethics.

The Company has communicated its Corporate Governance policy to its Directors, Sub-committee members, Management and employees to adopt and comply with as relevant and appropriate.

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