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More than 100 years on earth........80 years in Thailand

It is upon a solid foundation of experience that the Christiani & Nielsen Group has built its enviable reputation for completing professionally engineered projects on the time and within budget. Professional people : More than 2,000 people are now employed within the Christiani & Nielsen Group. A large resource of expert engineers, managers, technicians and artisans who are contributing their expertise and commitment to service to Christiani & Nielsen projects around the world. A pool of international skills and experience is thus combined with intimate knowledge of local market conditions.


General Motors / Adam Opel Motor Vehicle Manufacturing and Assembly Plant, Rayong, Thailand

Phase I / II / III. Comprised site preparation and earthworks. Overall site of 481,100 m2 required 536,977 m3 excavation, cut and fill and with 6,000 lin. mtr. of drainage. Piling and foundation works with 5,057 No. 400 mm square pre-cast piles; 798 No. 600 mm dia. spun concrete piles; 6,092 m3 R.C. pile caps and ground beams. Building structures including 15 No. Buildings with GFA 60,000 m2; 146,107 m2 roofing & cladding; Site Infrastructure included 76,100 m2 concrete roads, 25,500 m2 asphalt roads, 8,850 Lin. mtr. concrete storm water drainage ditches, 2,600 lin. mtr. fencing, landscaping, etc. M & E works comprised detail design, installation and commissioning of mechanical site utilities.

Advance Agro Pulp And Paper Mill, Prachinburi, Thailand

The construction comprises 60,000 m2 Paper Mill, 26,000m2 wood chip mill yard, 8,000m2 Pulp Mill, 3,700m2 boiler Power Plant, Chemical Plant, Plant, Pipe Bridge, Purac Process Water and Effluent treatment Plant, 11,000m2 Maintenance Work-shop and Administration Office with a total project floor area of 131,900m2.

Thai Asia Pacific Brewery, Pathumthani, Thailand

Construction of civil, structure, architecture and M&E for Malt store, Brewery, Bottling Plant 9,564m2, Office 400m2, Canteen 500m2, Truck depot 120m2, Porters Lodge, Control Building 128m2, External Paving 3,610m2, Drainage, Fencing and Gate.

Thai-Baroada Nylon-6 Type Cord Factory,Maptaphut, Rayong, Thailand

Construction of 16 No. buildings for Nylon Tyre Cord factory, comprising 7 major buildings of between 4,000m2 and 8,000 m2, 2 No. buildings of 4 and 5 stories (17 m and 29 m high respectively) and 7 No. single storey buildings. Fabrication and erection of 3,700 tones structural steelwork with additional pipe racks. External works, roads, drainage and parking areas.

ECCO Tannery, Ayutthaya, Thailand

Construction of a RC building with a total floor area of 8,000m2; 700 tones steel roof structure; 5 concrete tanks central wastewater treatment plant; 2 control buildings and a canteen building. Scope of works included full mechanical, sanitary and electrical works. Installation of mechanical process equipment was included. External works comprised concrete car parks; landscaping; drainage; street lighting.

Star Refinery Buildings, Maptaphut, Rayong, Thailand

Design and construct structural, architectural and M&E works to more than 50 No. buildings including the Central Control Building, Laboratory, Maintenance/Warehouse, 11 No. substations, 7 No. Operator Shelters and 34 No. small buildings. Total area of building 16,672 sq.m.

New Catering for Bangkok Airways, Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand

A 3 storey buildings with 144m. x 139m. foot-print area including basement and mezzanine floor.

Ground Service and EquipmentBuilding for Bangkok Airways, Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand

A 3 storey building with 100m. x 77.5m. foot-print area with one basement . Scope of works were earthworks, structural, architectural, M&E, external works, and landscaping works.

CP 7-11 New Distribution Center, Ladkrabang, Bangkok, Thailand

Construction of a single single storey distribution center with approx. of 20,500 m2 and 3 storey office building with area of 9,500 m2. Works include Concrete road, Asphaltic pavement parking space, site drainage system, underground water tank, and fire pump room.

Silos and Feedmill for Capital Cereals Co., Ltd.

Silos and Feedmill for Capital Cereals Co.ltd (STC Group) at Bangsai, Ayudhaya.

Wet Bin & Meal Silo and Feed mill for Chareaon Phokpan(CP), Korat, Thailand

The biggest Concrete Silo in Asia. CNT constructed :

  • - Wet Bin & Work house size 15.1m. x 11.4m., 48m in height with Slip form method and Workhouse Structure (Silos) 50m x 37m, 48m in height approx. area of 15,400 m2.
  • - Feedmill & Mill Silo; Concrete Feedmill Storage Bins 36m x 18m x 60m high, Soya Bean Silos (3 no.) 15.6 dia. x 30m high, Feedmill Warehouse 13m x 18m x 17m high.

See Slipforming Vedio

  • - Feed mill
  • - Silos

Thai Dairy Plant Relocation, Autthaya, Thailand

Design and Construction of a new dairy facility, comprising Process Areas (8,000 sq.m.), Warehousing (19,000 sq.m.), mezzanine level Laboratory and office (750 sq.m.), Administration Offices (750 sq.m.), Amenity Building (900 sq.m.) and Services Areas (6,000 sq.m.)

General Buildings

Innovated Saranrom Palace

Renovation existing Saranrom palace, Bangkok, 2008- 2011

Visual Art Centre for Bangkok Pattana School

Construction of new 3-storey with a single level basement and steel roof truss with metal roof sheet.

Chula Sport Complex, Chulalongkorn University

Indoor sport building and Outdoor sport Building.

Chulalongkorn Hospital's 14 storey Medical Centre

Design and Construction work of new 14-storey medical service center.

Work Point Entertainment PCL.

New Studios and Head Office for Work Point Entertainment PCL. Rangsit, Pathumtani.

Sociology Buildings Thammasart University, Rangsit Campus, Thailand

Construction of 6 No. RC framed buildings. Scope of works includes all civil, structural, architectural, M&E, Landscape works and drainage. Building include: Lecture Building (Phase 1) 28,300 m2, Office Building 17,230 m2, Media Training Centre 7,020 m2, Canteen Building 2,070 m2, Walkways and footpaths 15,000 m2, Roads 3,600 m2, Car Park 3,600 m2. Approximately total of 56,200 m2.

Surat Osathanugrah Library, Bangkok University, Rangsit Campus, Thailand

Construction of 5-storey in-situ concrete structure, pre-cast and aluminum curtain wall with an overall gross function area of 19,900 m2. A symbolic structural steel feature is located above the main atrium. First floor 5,800 m2 provides lending and reading rooms, soft-scape interior landscaping, food and beverage zone. Second floor comprises 3,000 m2 chambers and exhibition halls. Third and fourth floor together 9,600 m2 provide theatre, convention hall, foreign language studios. Fifth floor is for administration, reading IT and research facilities. Building M&E services are included in the scope of works.

GST. Francis Xavier School, Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok

Construction of new school building comprising 3 storey 9,258 sq.m multifunction kindergarten building including swimming poll, stores, laundry, multipurpose hall, dormitory, family rooms, toilets. Also 3-storey counselor building 643 m2 and external works included swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, roads and landscaping.

Veterinary Clinical and Zoological Science Building, Mahidol University, Salaya Campus, Thailand

Construction of 9-storey building with area of 17,770 sq.m plus 2-storey and 1-basement building with the area of 9,870 sq.m. Work included bored piling, RC structure, all architectural finishing, M&E works and external roads and landscaping.

150 Years Building, Bangkok Christian Collage, Bangkok, Thailand

Construction of 19-storey new school building with 2 level basement with a total floor area of 23,780 m2. Scope of works included Basement, Wastewater Treatment and Fire Water Tank, Structural, Architectural, Sanitary, Fire Protection and External Roads, Access.

Royal Banquet Hall at Phuphan Palace, Sakol Nakorn, Thailand

Construct buildings on rock plate contour comprising of Royal Banquet Hall 2-storey with basement (1,800 sq.m), Royal Cabin on steel structure (330 sq.m), Wood Patio on steel substructure (220 sq.m) service road (300 sq.m.)

Privy Council Office Building, Bangkok, Thailand

Construction of 3-stroey with single basement office building with GFA of 8,000 sq.m including 5-star interior works and M&E works. All external works included roads, parking, drainages are in the scope of work.

Queen's Palace At Leam Hang Nak, Krabi, Thailand

Construction of 4-storey building with total area of 5,500m2 including Reception Hall with full Banqueting Hall and Kitchen. Palace included Private Residential Suites, additional guest accommodations, dining, services, staff accommodation, garaging, security facilities. Full M&E installation included.

Exhibition Centre for Tourism Authority of Thailand, Chiangrai, Thailand

Construction of concrete framed buildings comprising 3 storey Exhibition Centre of 11,000m2; Reception and Ticketing building 950m2; 420m2 Access tunnel was cut through stiff clay and gahnite lined. Extensive geotechnical design and engineering was undertaken for the foundations which were cut into severe slopes. External works include 7,900m2 car parking area including walkways; landscaping; gardens and ornamental ponds totaling 216,000 sq.m and access roads.

New International School Of Thailand (NIST), Bangkok, Thailand

Construction of piling, structural and architectural works for Early Years Centre comprising 40x37m single storey building classroom complex. Sports Complex comprising 40x37m storey building. New Swimming Pool 25x23m. Project includes M&E works. External works including roads, car parking, drainage and landscaping. Total GFA approximately 10,000 sq.m.

SCB Park Plaza Phase II & III, Bangkok, Thailand

Construction of 4 No. buildings of 26, 21, 17 and 6-storeys. Gross area of 192,000 sq.m. and 10,500 sq.m. of retail & restaurant facilities on a 38,500 sq.m. Underground car parking for 0ver 1,600 cars is provided in 4 levels.

All Season Place (Phase I, II & III), Bangkok, Thailand

Construction of multi-tower high-rise development. Phase I - 35-storey tower 130 m. high overall comprising a 7-storey podium and 28-storeys with 180 condominiums with a gross area of 55,950 sq.m. Phase II & III each comprise 28-storey office tower block 140 m. high overall with 40,352 sq.m. An average floor-to-floor cycle of 4 days were achieved on the construction of Phases I & II respectively, while record 3-day floor-to-floor cycles were achieved on Phase III. Works also included structural, architectural and finishing works.

Siam Administration Management Co., Ltd. New Office, Bangkok, Thailand

Construction of 11 new office buildings with total area of 11,921 sq.m. Scope of works included site-clearance and bored pile, earthwork, structure and architectural works, M&E, also external works which included roads, parking area, drainage, flood protection dyke, RC boundary wall, underground water tank, car wash area and basket ball court.

Roads / Bridges, Civil / Marine

Highway Route No. 403 A. Ron Phiboon-Nakhon Sri Thammarat, Thailand

Rehabilitate and upgrade 31.3 Km. of existing road to 4-lane divided provincial highway standard. Principal quantities embankments 563,000cu.m. selected materials 202,200cum.m. sub base 138,200cu.m. Soil-cement base 148,050cu.m. Asphaltic concrete 167,640 tones, RC bridge, slab type 906lin.m. RC bridge, girder type 1,616lin.m.

Highway Route No. 11 Lampang - Lamphun, Thailand

Construction of 10.1 Km. 4-lane concrete highway comprising excavation earth 113,400 m3, excavation soft rock 165,640 m3; excavation hard rock 154,420 m3; embankments 347,200 m3; sub-base 38,300 m3; crushed rock 28,000 m3; 250 mm concrete pavement 166,500 m2; RC box culverts 655lm; reinforced soil 18,600 m3; soil nailing 6,300 m3; anchor retaining wall 9,600 m2; chemical rock bolts 3,000 No.; concrete crash barrier 22,710 lm; RC drainage ditch 14,165 lm.

Bangkok Wastewater Treatment Plant - Stage I Mitmaitree Road, Bangkok, Thailand

Construction of the Waste Water Treatment Plant capable of providing treatment for dry weather flow of 350,000 cu.m/day. Because of the limited site area, the Treatment Plant is designed on two levels. The lower level contains the Solids Processing Area and Secondary Treatment Tanks, the latter having a storage capacity of 95,000 cu.m. On the upper level are 15 No. 30 m diameter x 6 m deep Clarifier Tanks and associated distribution channels.

Interchange Buddhamonthon Highway 338 Bangkok, Thailand

Construction of 1 Elevated Bridge 269m long; widen existing bridge from 11m to 24m; 2 new klong bridges; 5 elevated access ramps; 6 km x 21m wide road at grade. Principal quantities included 475,000cu.m earthworks; 65,300cu.m sub-base; 132,500 sq.m asphaltic concrete surfacing; 110,000sq.m x 250mm thick concrete paving; 4,100m box culverts; 5,780m pipe culverts;; 4 bus shelters; 1 traffic light management system; street lighting and installation of new mains water transmission main alongside road.

Sarasin Bridge, Phuket, Thailand

Leisure & Resorts
Sport & Leisure

13th Asian Games - Main Stadium, Thammasat University, Rangsit Campus, Thailand

Design and construction of the Main Athletics and Football Stadium with associated pedestrian plaza and landscape work. 20,000 all seat stadium with athletics track to IAAF/IOC standards and with a FIFA football pitch. 49,000 sq.m back of house facilities including Officiating Rooms, Drug Testing, Time/Score Computer Systems, Change Rooms, Canteens, FF&E, M&E including Electronic Scoreboard, Sports Lighting, PA Audio System and Sports Equipment.

13th Asian Games - Aquatic Centre & Athletic Stadium, Thammasat University, Rangsit Campus, Thailand

Design and construction of 6,000 seat Aquatic Centre comprising three FINA standard pools - competition, diving, warm up / water polo, 39,000 m2 back of house facilities, including Officiating Rooms, Drug Testing, Time/Score Computer Systems, Change Rooms, Canteens FF&E, M&E, Lighting, Audio and Electronic Scoreboard.

Fashion Island, Bangkok, Thailand

Construction of 4-storey, 350,000 sq.m. shopping and commercial centre with a one-level basement. Works included two 6-level car parks each with a one-level basement, 1.4 kms. of perimeter road, internal and external landscaping, a there park, and 6,000 sq.m. of tensioned membrane roof.

Hotel & Resorts

Beaufort Sukhothai Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Construction of a five star, 9 and 5 storey luxurious hotel. The 227 room hotel combines traditional Thai style with the highest international standards. Room Mix : 1 Ballroom, 109 Superior Rooms, 37 Deluxe Rooms, 37 Executive Suites, 25 Deluxe Suites, 13 Garden Suites, 4 Terrace Suites and 1 Sukhothai Suite.

Sheraton Krabi Beach Resort, Krabi, Thailand

Construction of 5-star resort hotel with 246 suites in 8 No. 3-storey blacks, Central hotel building with restaurants, bars, reception, back of house facilities, health centre with Tennis courts, swimming pool with deck and spa, staff housing, M&E building, pump house, water tower tank, sub-station, wastewater treatment, extensive landscape, covered walkways, external works including roads, drainage and perimeter security. Total area of building 18,035 sq.m.

Santi Pura Resort Condominium, Hua Hin, Prachubkirikhan, Thailand

5 stars Low-rise condominium at Hua-hin.

South Sea Pakarang Resort & Spa, Phungnga, Thailand

Structural and architectural works for 136 unites of 4-star resort with GFA 10,000 sq.m. Scope of works included M&E works, landscape (hard-scape), interior finishing works and external roads, parking drainage and security.


Outside Interconnecting Pipelines Project, Maptaphut Industrial Estate, Rayong, Thailand

Engineering, supply, construction and pre-commissioning (EPC) contract for approx. 204 km steel pipelines in various sizes.

PTT Chemical New Pipe Pack (I-1 Road), Maptaphut Industrial Estate, Rayong, Thailand

Design & Construct new pipe rack & pipe bridge with foundations 660m long supporting 8m intervals.

Site Preparation works for Gas Separation Plant No.6, Rayong, Thailand

Demolition & removal of existing utilities : fire fighting pipeline, instrument &electrical cables, building, trees, soil stockpile.
Scopes are clearing 20,000 cu.m/excavation 12,000 cu.m/embankment 100,000 cu.m /new construction for fire fighting pipe (2,370m.)/raw water pie (860m.)/instrument signal cable (1,540m.)/electrical cable.

PTT Phenol Plant(Utility Buildings), Eastern Industrial Estate, Rayong, Thailand

Construction substation building/control building/laboratory/foam tank/fire pump house/compressor shelter/ WWT control room/IA-PA House/ and refrigeration house. CNT's works also include building services M&E, sanitary, and equipment footing/foundations..

PTT Chemical Head Office Building, Maptaphut, Rayong Thailand

Construction of new 6-storey head office with approx 21,000 sqm.

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